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Your Vote Counts!

Your Vote CountsSeems like there is more to keeping a marriage together than love, weight or looks. I’ve always wondered what the real reason is for staying in a relationship – or leaving for that matter. There must be something that keeps us together, and it isn’t love. Or money. The statistics just don’t add up.

It is local government elections this week and maybe that is how I stumbled across the article widely repeated across a number of health sites [click here]. It says: Politics May Trump Looks, Personality in Matters of the Heart. Hows that!

According to the research that they quote, they examined couples for a large variety of attributes ranging from physical looks and personality to behaviour and attitude. They included body size and shape, impulsivity, even religion and political tendencies.

Coming first was frequency of going to church. OK, I can handle that.

But who could guess number 2? Yup, number two on the list and right behind number one is political attitude. Weird, but true. Scoring much higher than good looks or great personality is political attitude. You could have knocked me over.

If parents are able to shape the likes and dislikes of a child in the dimensions of dress, food and language, why not politics? Makes sense. If you come from a house with a particular political orientation, you will feel comfortable in that environment and perhaps seek a mate with a similar spirit and culture.

So there. Next time I marry I will first ask my bride-to-be to tell me for which party she voted in the last election. It might be a better indicator than love [click here].


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  1. karen Says:

    Really good sharing this.


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