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Why isn’t your Ex in jail?

Louis GonzalezThis story comes from the Los Angeles Times 26 June 2011, it is recent. This is not stuff that happened years ago, it is happening right now.

A man spent 83 days in solitary confinement, he missed his son’s 6th birthday, and all because a woman decided she wanted to falsely accuse him. She was upset with him because he started rebuilding his life after she left him and she went for revenge.

The ending is tragic for the man – he lost respect, people are suspicious of him, he will never ever be a free man again. People will always whisper behind his back.

And the woman? She walks away without a single hair being out of place.

This whole issue of women making false accusations has been on my plate for a while. I’ve written about it before (“Why do dogs lick themselves [click here]“) and I am intimately familiar with the feelings of despair that goes with such accusations. There is nothing a man can do to fix it or make it better or erase the past. But women? They just walk away as if nothing happened.

You don’t believe me? Then ask yourself – why isn’t she in jail? He did his 83 days … what did she do even after is was proven beyond any reasonable doubt that he was innocent?

I rest my case.

And I haven’t even touched upon that holy grail of Sandton Cougars – the obligatory Domestic Violence Restraining Order. Ag siestog. Gonzalez was declared “factually innocent” – a term reserved for cases where there is absolutely no chance that the man could have or would have done anything bad. Winning back his name was easy. Removing traces of his tainted past is impossible.

I liked the sentence that said “the states decision not to charge her criminally violates the most basic moral arithmetic”. And that is it. The woman gets away again.

Both sides of the story can be read here [click here].


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