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When you know more



This story started on my way to work this morning. I was listening to Highveld 94.7 as usual, Jeremy Mansfield and his crowd. His guest on the show was nataniël a favourite SA comedian. Actually, to digress a little, this morning nataniël said he is not a comedian, he is far too serious for that. For somebody who isn’t funny he makes me laugh a lot.

Anyways nataniël is promoting his new show and I couldn’t take down his details immediately so I headed over to his website as soon as I had a moment in the office. Nice site so I browsed around a little. And I learned an amazing thing:
nataniël is an ambassador for Child Welfare South Africa!

I reflected for a long time on the impact that small piece of information had on me, and it prompted me to ask the question: How well do we know other people. Or better still: How does it change your picture of a person when you learn something more about them?

I have this picture of nataniël in my head: funny, sharp, witty, a good cook, a good entertainer. But this? No! This is new, and it changed the way I look at him completely. He has a whole page dedicated to details and contact information and stuff. I quickly check his facebook page and under information he says: “he supports … emotionally abused and neglected children” – one of my passions. This new dimension to his character is amazing and in my opinion nataniël goes up 10 points. I’m still amazed by how much an opinion of a person can be influenced by the addition of a small piece of information.

But to end this story on a happy note I received this e-mailed joke today and I’m sharing it without checking it for accuracy. Apologies if it is incorrectly attributed. Warning: Rude language. It is called

nataniël se lewensreëls:
Wees dankbaar vir wat jy het.
Wees lief vir jou gesin en familie.
Moenie toelaat dat jou brein muf nie!
Moenie op loop gaan met skuldgevoelens nie, sort die kak uit.
Lewe terwyl jy nog lewe het.
Geniet die eenvoudige dinge. Die “image goed” is ‘n pot snot.
Eet wat jy wil, fok “diet”. As jy gewig moet verloor vreet minder en kak meer.
As jy moet oefening kry, ry ‘n gewone fiets, gaan stap langs die see of in die veld – doen iets in die buitelug. Moet net nie in die strate op en af draf nie, dis “common”.
Wees windgat oor jou huis, dit behoort aan jou, die bank se moer.
Wees windgat oor jou kar hy’s klaar betaal en fok dié wat in moerse karre ry en nie kan bekostig om ordentlik te braai nie
Lag dikwels, lag lank en lekker.

The last sentence says it all. Thank you nataniël.

One Response to “When you know more”

  1. Nikki Says:

    This is too true. And it is usually the least expected person who does the thing that makes you step back and go ‘wow’.


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