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No, not the kind you get when you are unfaithful. I mean helpers. Like, Help-You-Check-Your-Mate.

When you have a nagging worry that your partner or spouse is less than honest about their fidelity, there is help.

Tool 1: Semen Detection

In the specific case where you suspect that your wife or girlfriend is having sexual relations with other men, you can use the CheckMate Semen Detection Kit to confirm your suspicions. Apply the test to her underwear from last night when she came home smelling from booze and other men – and voila! Simple to use and highly accurate.

Google for the site nearest to you. I do not endorse the product and get no financial reward from mentioning them. I simply used the product and found value in it. One of the suppliers are linked on the right. Your mileage may vary.

Tool 2: Computer Monitoring

While reading the news a small ad caught my attention: “WebWatcher” WebWatcher claims to be the best computer monitoring software because it lets you remotely: Read every email that is sent or received; See every Instant Message or Chat that is participated in (both sides of the conversation); See every webpage that is visited.

Sounds like a useful tool when you want to know more. But read my Disclaimer: I have no idea if the evidence so collected will stand up in a Court of Law, and you could be counter-accused of unlawful entry. You have been warned.


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