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Did you see the TV program Cheaters, where dishonest partners and spouses are exposed shamelessly in public on TV?

That is not the only thing they [Cheaters’ TV shows] do. Cheaters is actually a private investigation company that operates in many countries and they provide a full menu of security and surveillance services. And while it is fun to watch the silly antics of people that are hurt by their partner’s indiscretions, I don’t think – if the shoe was on the other foot – that I would want them to expose my private indiscretions in public.

But, there might very well come a time when you desparately need discreet and very private confirmation of a suspicion. In Afikaans we say “Waar daar ‘n rokie trek is daar ‘n vuurtjie”. Their website says “Undeniable Evidence Is The Key To The Truth” and they seem committed to fully satisfy all your security and investigation requirements. Cheaters seem to be able to quote many examples where they went beyond the call of duty as they endeavour to uncover the mysteries and misgivings of cheaters.

Cheaters operate in South Africa too. They say they are registered with all the appropriate authorities. I have no affiliation with them and I do not automatically endorse what they do. However on the occasions I needed their services the results were satisfactory. Your mileage may vary. Rather than articulating my own experience, I suggest you read their website yourself (link to the right) and decide for yourself if this is what you need.


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