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The Bravest Puppy

The Bravest Puppy

The Bravest Puppy

I am surprised by children’s capacity to hide their feelings of anger and hurt, and how they find outlets in play-acting.

A weekend or two ago I was in the car with my 7-year old and my GF, and they were happily chatting away not having seen each other for a while (the divorce 2-week rotation, you know). They do all the “girl-sharing” things a Daddy isn’t privy to. Tiffiny was showing her collection of Puppy-In-My-Pocket toys, small trinkets given with meals by the local fast food outlet.

She was still busy explaining which ones were her favourites when she suddenly stopped and, after thinking for a moment, gave one to my GF saying: “This one is the bravest puppy. Here, he can stay with you for a few days”.

Of course we did all the nice thank you’s and stuff, until my GF popped the question: “but why is he the bravest puppy?”

The answer hit me hard: “He is the bravest puppy because he is not scared when he goes to visit his daddy or his mommy and he doesn’t know when she will be seeing him again”.

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