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Swine Flu

Get Better Dad

Get Better Dad

Right, I’m back. It took a few days out of my life, days where I was just breathing and being woken up every 12 hours for medication. I only managed to surface after several days. No gym, no nothing! The little one was so concerned she made me a poster with glitter paint saying I must getter so we can play again.

Quite a serious illness. I’m surprised by the intensity of the virus. Normally I can shake anything in a day with the help of some tablets, but here I was hanging on for 3 days on several heavy medications, not making any progress untill the 4th day. That is so not me. Don’t actually know what it was but the doctor seemed satisfied that it wasn’t swine flu, I didn’t present some of the symptoms like a bad chest. Besides the tests are expensive and by the time the results come back you are halfway through a course of medication. So we decided to just hit it hard with the golden treatment for any influenza A type affliction.

The good news is I actually felt like getting up and writing today, so maybe by tomorow I’ll be able to post again.

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