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Spaghetti and Waffles

Book title waffles and spaghetti

Boys are Waffles

While on holiday in Nylstroom (ok, I guess I will have to update my GPS maps sometime because the road sign says Modimolle) we had a few rainy days and what better way to pass the time than to READ!

The local bookstore, while not stocking at the levels of a Sandton CNA, had a few unusual titles. Since my GF and I were having some interesting discussions on some incidents where we didn’t (quite) understand each other clearly (a polite way of saying I screwed up – sorry Wacky!) I was attracted to the title “Guys are waffles, girls are spaghetti” (Chad Eastman and Bill and Pam Farrell).

From the cover it says “Why can guys play video games for so long” and “How can a girl cry and laugh at the same time” and my curiosity was caught. The opposite sex are different in more ways than our bodies would let on – we even speak in different languages! In the book they promise to dig into the differences.

It was a fun read for both of us. It was obviously written for teenagers, but the style is funny and entertaining and it gets to the point. The authors are not very judgemental but they are opinionated and I guess it felt just about right. Sometimes my GF burst out laughing. And more importantly, I put the book down thinking about what I saw and heard and I could apply some of that in my own life. I feel as if I can use some of the discussions to improve my relationship.

And that is goodness. The book comes recommended.

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