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South Africa and Violent Crime

Sad About CrimeVereeniging, very close to my home town where I grew up as a child. Seven year old girl, very close to my own little one. And a Daddy shot in the chest, very close.

I live in South Africa because I love it here. I was born here, I know how to survive here.

And I don’t want to politicize this website.

But the news headline (News 24) today [click here] struck close to my heart (bad pun intended).

Imagine a 7 year old girl at home with her daddy. At around 10pm she gets woken by noise from the robbers who force her to show her where they keep their money. When they leave she discovers her daddy shot in the chest, dead. At first she tries to wake him up but then “she sat by his body the whole night, falling asleep and waking up with a fright over and over again“. I cannot imagine her horror.

The issue for me is simple: Crime in South Africa is violent, and regular. It needs to stop. But with a Government who is blatantly unwilling to do something about it – yet threatens me with Jail if I don’t pay my taxes which they will spend on flashy cars and expensive Court Cases to defend their “innocense” – I have no idea what to do.

In South Africa, criminals have rights; victims don’t.

What can we do about it?


2 Responses to “South Africa and Violent Crime”

  1. name witheld Says:

    hope and change

  2. name witheld Says:

    This is one of the most honest blogs I have ever read. Nothing overcomes good first hand experience on topics. Thank you for being sincere about this.


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