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Somebody is looking after me


Guardian Angel

After living with somebody for a while they get to know you very well. Your likes and dislikes, your habits good and bad, your favourite sayings accompanied by your involuntary gestures.

The other day the little one(after noticing something unusual) chirped up “Oh .. my … hat!” (the three words spoken slowly and in a measured tone) with a vague twist of the wrist. I could have sworn it was my GF speaking, the mimic was perfect.

Anyways, here I am today, Saturday 30 January 2010, sitting behind my computer and I am scared. I made a decision to leave my previous employment and start something new. It is a very big decision. I have a house bond to pay, I have an angry ex who will surely take me to Court if I don’t pay maintenance, I have to have a reliable car, I must eat. As a man (OK I know all about stereotypes) failure is not an option. The pressure is enormous.

But I’ve been here before. Every few years we are challenged to up the game. It is somewhat of a signature of my life on earth that I will make fundamental changes every few years. I feel the same tension, the same anticipation. But I also have this peaceful feeling that things will work out OK. I’m going to survive and get out of it a better person.

So here’s the story: I am mumbling to myself in front of my computer, and my GF is behind her computer, and suddenly she says: “Don’t worry. Somebody is looking after you”.

She quoted my favourite saying! When something happens to me or I had a lucky escape, I always say: “My fairy godmother was looking after me“. And it is the honest truth. On countless occasions – looking back – I was blessed with good luck – no … awesome luck – and I always escaped with minimal damage. Plus a Life Lesson.

So today I have to start looking for contacts, for contracts, something to do. And although I’m a little scared I’m not worried. Something good will come my way. My job is to be ready when an opportunity is presented and accept it.

How about you?

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