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Rules For My Daughter

SupertubeTiffiny rides the supertube victoriously! These are happy moments for a daddy, when his little one is enjoying life and riding the wave so to speak.

But my little one is growing up. She will be a tweeny soon and I will not always be able to protect her, any longer. Soon she will fall in love, try foods I never had in the house, do silly things on impulse without asking first. And I’m worried. Did I prepare her well enough? Did I give her everything she needs to cope with life.

Over at Tim Hoch’s blog [click here] he lists the 50 rules for his daughters. They are very cool and I’m sure his girls are going to be ok. He is spot on with his 50 rules for daughters.

Number 28 caught my attention though: “28. A broken heart is the burden you will sometimes bear for the beautiful gift of the capacity to love.”. If there is one thing I want my daughter to do, it is to love fully. Love her dad, her mom, her brothers and sisters, and yes, love the ugly hairy monster who is going to break her heart.

For it is only when you have loved completely, and lost the love, that you will understand how precious your love was.

Live life to the fullest. Love to the fullest. Give your heart fully and don’t hold back, because you will never want to look back and regret the fact that you only loved half. For we never know what tomorrow holds.

P.S. Don’t forget the other 49 rules, they are there for your own protection!


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