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Noseweek – Trivialising Domestic Violence

Justice Is CryingDid you read the latest issue of NoseWeek (no 143, September 2011) [click here]? It has the most awesome article AND Editorial on the rampant abuse of Protection Orders in South Africa by women who falsely accuse their Ex’s of some trivial activity in an ill-advised attempt to control them or punish them or just simply get even.

There is no way I can do justice to the article by attempting to summarise it – I can only recommend you buy the magazine or buy an online copy. It will be the best R30 you spend today (it is about what you would have spent on lunch anyway so just do it).

Due to constraints I willingly accepted as part of my divorce settlement I cannot discuss any of my own personal experiences, but I have written about other people’s experiences many times: Recently (June 2011) in Los Angeles [click here], or to quote a Judge again [click here]: (verbatim): “The real purpose of restraining orders is not so much to prevent violence as to eliminate one parent during divorce proceedings. This is now common knowledge in legal circles.”

The fact of the matter is:

The woman walks away clean, uncompromised, unaffected and head held high. She is good!
The man walks away scarred, branded, outcast, and in many cases without work or friends. For the rest of his life people will avoid him.
And all because of one small false accusation by a woman.

I have no words to describe my personal disgust at the terror reign these women propagate, and the so-called high-class Lawyers that help them perpetrate their false allegations. What you are doing is not contributing anything towards the well-being of children, and is in fact concealed abuse of power.

Yes, Justice Is Crying.


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