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A New Years Promise

No caller id!!


Right! I’m switching on Ranting-And-Raving mode now, please close your ears if you cannot handle rough language.

Starting Rant: These b*****s, today they called again. No Caller ID, no number on my phone, no nothing. I’m on holiday and I shouldn’t be receiving business calls, but I decide to answer anyway (it might be important). I press the green answer button, I slowly bring the cellphone to my ear, I announce myself briefly, and start listening … and listening … and listening. The caller is on a mission: Hello! I’m from the green bank and I know all your details and we have this fantastic product etc etc etc … a clear marketing call! Bulldozer style! No chance to interrupt! They want to sell you something and they don’t have the decency to tell you where they are from!

End Rant.

A business colleague of mine, Johan Grobler, mentioned this on his blog as well. I want to go further than him. I want to say: If you want to talk to me, be polite and identify yourself. Like Johan says: You wouldn’t open the front door of your house without knowing who it is? Let me therefore see your number. If you are rude and hide your number, well, don’t be surprised if I’m rude back to you and don’t answer. Don’t sneak up on me!

My New Years resolution is as follows: This year I vow not to answer a mobile call if I cannot see the number where you are calling from.

Anybody else agree?

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