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My Toy Box

Toy Box

Toy Box

My Toy Box. Children (whether they are adults or youngsters) have Toy Boxes. You keep it away from other children, lest they break your most precious stuff. A Toy Box is a place where you store things that you want to keep, but you don’t necessarily want to see them every day. They can be precious things, important things, nice things, special little silly things. Everything. In no particular order. No preferences. You know you can always come back to it and rediscover your long forgotten toys if you ever need them again.

I’m creating this Toy Box as a temporary storage area for things that are too short for a blog entry or maybe too big for me to contemplate right now. I just don’t want to lose them. Funny or serious, doesn’t matter. You want to add something to this list? Just leave a comment!

Cute Sayings:

  • 12. Now you can add your own …
  • 11. Some people waste time arguing whether the glass is half full or half empty instead of asking why they chose a too big glass.
  • 10. Love is never a mistake
  • 9. I must learn to be like my dog: Piss on the grass, scratch a bit of sand on it and move on
  • 8. “Simply the thing that I am shall make me live” (Shakespeare). Recently discovered this one. There is a story, of course, going back to Ds Barry van Rensburg during my divorce, when he said “I am what I am“. He was explaining that we are human with warts and all, good things and bad, and that we should try to accept each other as we are. He wasn’t successful in keeping the marriage together, but he was very successful in making me understand it wasn’t all my fault.
  • 7. Love may be blind, but marriage is a real eye opener.
  • 6. When the Student is ready, the Teacher will appear…(said by my Spiritual Mother Judy Finch when I expressed surprise at how many times I was blessed when I needed it most).
  • 5. When did she get so big? (Robby; when Tiffiny said something very grown-up).
  • 4. Definition of The Lost Weekend http://itexpertvoice.com/home/lessons-in-troubleshooting-focus-and-systematic-coverage-are-key/ meaning working on something big for a long time. (Like when I started this blog).
  • 3. Please look after the Earth … it is the only planet with Chocolate! (Now that makes sense).
  • 2. A father is somebody whose children run to him when his hands are empty. (Really?)
  • 1. Trying to understand my dogs’ love for me. (I still don’t get it.)

Do you have any good ones to share? Please comment.


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