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Missing children

I’ve been following a story about a young girl (about 10 years old?) who disappeared a few days ago. She was last seen at a filling station buying something from the shop. I pass by that filling station daily on my way to work. So it is no surprise that I am reminded of the pain and worry of the parents regularly.

But my real thoughts are with the little girl: Is she scared? Is she cold? Is she hungry? It must be an incredibly bad experience for her. I cannot imagine the tsunami of emotions washing over her heart. How does she cope? Can she ever forget?

I heard the parents are assisted by an organisation called The Pink Ladies. Never heard of them but the website seems focussed on abused children. I must do more reading today and decide if I want to join or just passively be aware of them, nevertheless it appears to be a very good idea. In the mean time I’m going to put their link up on my website – if it helps save one child then it was worth the effort.

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