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Living Your Strengths

In a weird place in my life. Somewhat happy, but feeling there is a lot more. Feeling its time to do what is important, to explore what I can do best.

My brother-in-law gave me a book Living Your Strengths which looks very interesting. Typical self-development stuff, but looks relevant to my search. Published by Gallup, it includes a web-based assessment of your strenghts called the Clifton StrengthsFinder(r). What they seem to say is: “If you do what you like doing, you will probably achieve more”. Sounds good.

I scanned the first few pages and I did the online questions, it gave me my 5 dominant themes of talent. Very interesting, it feels exactly right. Now to read more about it.

Gonna be busy for a few days!

4 Responses to “Living Your Strengths”

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  2. Leon Says:

    Thank you. Every day I learn something new, like how to do a pingback.

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