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Like a zip



A relationship is like a zip, I’ve decided.

The thought struck me again today. They keep us warm when it is cold, making us feel all cozy and protected. They are so easy to use. They are just there when we need them. Just a tug and a pull. Effortless. Like a good relationship should be.

But what makes it work are hundreds of little teeth. The longest and strongest zip starts with 2 little teeth catching each other, intertwining around each other. By themselves, not strong enough to hold the jacket together. Even 4, 6 or 8 teeth cannot do it. Exactly like in a relationship, we have the first glance, the first few dates, each little event building up. In the beginning it isn’t so strong. Then, a nice holiday, some stolen moments, later a wedding and children, faster and faster, more and more teeth gets meshed up and the zip gets stronger. The more teeth we mesh the stronger our relationship becomes.

Usually zips bring together two halves. two opposite sides. It closes a gap, so to speak. When the two halves are together, something great happens. Some things are protected from harm.

Zips are easy to start. Just put the two ends together and start pulling in the right direction. If things go well and the first 2 links caught on, the zipper will come up smoothly, rushing through hundreds of little teeth so quickly. My little one could zip up her jacket long before she could do buttons. Yes, spiritually as well.

Of course, you must have two similar runs, you cannot have a small half one side and a big teeth on the other side. Or if you have some missing teeth you could end up being frustrated with a zip that just doesn’t work. And you must be careful to keep the rest of your clothing out of the way because if it gets stuck between the teeth where it shouldn’t be, you will struggle for hours to fix it. A zip only works when the two sets of teeth mesh cleanly with each other and nothing interferes.

And, exactly like a zip, when we are done with the zip and we want to discard the jacket, it takes a fleeting moment to unzip. A swish of the hand, and it is over. Sigh.

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