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What do you think about this article from News24?

When I started my company 3 years ago I started with one of the wisest principles possible and that was never to employ anybody in my sales division that follows any religion. I don’t apply this principle to women in administrative positions because often one finds that women follow whatever their husbands do religiously without questioning it. So I have mercy on the girls.

I am writing this article in the hopes that every prospective new business owner will follow this rule and I promise you more wealth and success than you have dreamed of.

On my application form I specifically ask what religion they are. If the answer is left blank, I call them back for a personal interview.

Why would I do this?

A man that can operate solo, is a man hungry for success and knows how to get there on his own. Men who need to run off to a church, are men with a doubt about their own ability to reach the top.

Religious people are conditioned from birth that they are inferior beings in the eyes of a god. That must rank as one of the worst crimes against any living human being. How do you live with yourself if you teach your child he/she was brought into this world in sin and is therefore an untrustworthy creature?

My children were certainly not brought into this world in sin. They were planned babies. In modern society today how many of you reading this had run around making unplanned babies? So why then teach a child they were brought into this world in sin?

People who follow a religion, and ruin their kids in this manner should think about the psychological damage they are causing their kids. That damage will most certainly take its toll the day they choose a career.

From http://www.news24.com/MyNews24/Atheists-are-the-pillars-of-my-business-20120727

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