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Jerry Springer affair is abuse

Jerry SpringerDuring a recent Jerry Springer episode the inevitable cheating spouse was again revealed – no surprises there.

But in his closing lines Jerry captured the essence of a abusive relationship, and I’m going to repeat his words as best as I remember it. He said:

You know, nothing so hurts the heart as to find out that the person you’ve opened up to, you made yourself vulnerable to, physically and emotionally gave everything you had to, that that person outright deceived you and offered himself / herself to another.

It is not the shared sex that so offends, depending on the mindset that could be interpreted as simply an exercise to feel good and remove the tension, but when the cheating is touching the heart, when your significant other now actually cares about the person they are being intimate with, without telling you that their feelings have shifted to another, well, that’s an abuse. Also more damaging than a physical pounding.

How do you stay honest in a relationship? Well, you assume your partner is always with you even when you and he/she are not.

I agree with Jerry, but what do you think? Cheating on your spouse remains an abuse.


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