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It will never happen to me

I took a moment of silence to reflect on an article today in the UK Daily Mail Online issue by Bibi Lynch. She says “I always said I hated women who slept with married men – so why did I become a mistress?”

I read the article from start to finish without taking a breath. Firstly it captured my attention because I’m very focussed on being faithful and partners who are unfaithful. But the more I read it I realised that I haven’t cheated because I’m good and strong, but only because by the Grace of God I was just lucky and I haven’t been presented with a situation where I was vulnerable. It can happen to anybody, anytime. Maybe this article was another pointer to get to know myself better?

Her last two sentences deserve being quoting unchanged: “It would break my heart if a man was unfaithful to me, and I’m not equipped to cheat or be part of cheating.” and “What would I do if it happened again? If I was chronically single and met the most amazing man? I’d remember that amazing men simply don’t cheat.

Yes, amazing women simply don’t cheat.

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