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I Un-Do

I Un-DoI knew it! It just HAD to happen! I wrote about this [click here] in a previous post, completely unaware of this ritual in Japan where divorcing couples have an official ceremony to smash the rings (CNN) [click here]!

A ceremony at the end of a marriage gives the couple and their friends and family the opportunity to gain emotional closure“, says Hiroki Terai, 29, an entrepreneurial former salesman from the Chiba district of Tokyo who makes a business from arranging such ceremonies.

Awesome! It clearly marks the end of a phase in your relationship. Like a birth, a death or a baptism. Having your friends say “Congratulations on your divorce” openly, must make you feel better! It is closure!

What do women do with their ex-husband’s rings, anyway? With the jewelry he gave you as a symbol of his love? That love is gone now, why keep the ring? That wedding ring (which cost a lot, like his love at the time) was a symbol of eternity – why are you hanging on to it? What price the memories? It is gone, sweetie, it is time to let go!

When you married you said “I Do” and now you get a chance to say “I Un-Do”. Closure like this is a really meaningful option for couples who are serious about moving on. What do you think?


2 Responses to “I Un-Do”

  1. name witheld Says:

    That is almost the best essay i have ever seen, clear idea and expression, [edited for brevity]

  2. name witheld Says:

    i can has cheeseburger?


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