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I thought I saw a Cougar!

Cougar TownMy house is on a small (I was going to say quiet) side street which is often used by flashy BMW’s and Merc’s as a short-cut to avoid heavy traffic driving from their up-market suburbs to work in Sandton. This morning, while waiting outside my gate for somebody, I looked at the occupants of the cars in more detail.

They were mostly Cougars! OK, I admit I didn’t know the term either until this morning, but according to Wikipedia it is a slang term used for converse cradle-snatchers: Older woman, divorced and comfortable financially, seeks intimate company of younger man. Many films and TV programmes take the issue to screen (Cougar Town and The Cougar) and even the E! channel sets about dissecting the “cougar” phenomenon with academic rigour.

All of this left me a little pensive about the reasons behind this growing phenomenon. Why would a women in a previously normal relationship, suddenly discard her history and go for a “trophy” Toy-Boy much younger than herself? Is it simply to boost her ego? Is it to gratify some urge?

And then there is the inevitable and expensive upkeep. Not only the regular visits to the Gym and the salons and shopping malls, but also the doctors to trim and laser away any imagined blemishes.

But, as always, I wonder about the children. Why would a women forfeit her role as a protector of family values to seek out the false excitement of being a Sugar Momma? What must the children think? Any divorce is disruptive, but to make it worse with bringing an obviously younger male (good for only one thing) into the house is not within my sphere of understanding. Is anybody out there listening to what the children want?

In a previous post I wrote about Toxic Wives [click here] and I wonder if this is not a related development?

While the Cougars might be pretty to look at I think the darker side of the development spoils any superficial beauty.

P.S. Picture from the episode “Rhino Skin” on the TV Series Cougar Town – a sitcom featuring an older divorced woman dating much younger men.

P.P.S. I see the People Magazine of 16 July 2010 [click here] is featuring some great Cougars on page 18 and 19!


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  1. name witheld Says:

    haha … the 1 who is publishing the comments [Ed: Yup the one who laughs last …]


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