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How big are they?

Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses

Had dinner at Browns on Thursday evening. Lovely place, and well known for its extensive wine cellar. Good menu too, but the real attraction is the wine.

This story clearly illustrates how boys and girls think differently – how we instinctively notice different things when exposed to the same stimulus. How we view things from completely different angles. For example.

The dining room at Browns have cute sayings on the wall, hand written on plaques. I particularly liked the one that said:

Wine is like a woman’s breasts: One is never enough, two are perfect, and three is too much

When I got home later that night and I was recalling the evening to my GF she shot back without blinking:

Were they big glasses or small glasses?

I stood there speechless, my jaw dropped. It was like a puppy being yanked back on a leash. But after I recovered I agreed that it was an interesting thought. So are the glasses long and pointy, round and full, flat and squishy, or firm and perky? Amazing how quickly a conversation can drift off the topic..

Long and Pointy Round and Full Firm and Healthy

I rest my case. Do you have any good wine glasses to share? Please comment.

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