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Honestly Dishonest

Happy Ever AfterI have often wondered about how many people lie to me. I hear so many white lies apparently to spare somebody’s feelings. I’m not sure I agree, because the underlying trust can be broken if you are found out. And then the lies my parents told me – the tooth fairy, christmas father, the dentist won’t hurt. Yup, they told lots of lies.

They spent a lot of their time telling me one thing but doing another. Like, no sex before marriage (but they did it anyway). Most often they actually knew that what they were doing is wrong, so they would invent some justification or fable to turn the “bad thing” into a “good moral story”.

For example: Robin Hood was a common thief – a criminal. He should have been thrown into jail. But no, the story teaches me that if I steal for a good cause (steal from the rich to help the poor) it is OK. How on earth does that help me in South Africa with our poverty and crime rate? Are we saying it is OK to steal if the end justifies the cause?

Maybe that was a once-off event, lets choose another popular story: Snow White (unmarried I remind you) lived alone with 7 men in one small house, and she was having lots of fun while she was at it. But wait, but my sister had to wait until she was married to be able to live live with 1 guy in a marriage!

Oh but it gets better: A complete stranger kissed the Sleeping Beauty in her bed under the watchful eye of her parents. In her bedroom.

What about Cinderella? She wasn’t exactly honest either – she sneaked out of the house to go to a party and without asking permission! And she danced the whole night and stayed out till late.

Should I mention that Jasmin (single) was in a forbidden relationship with Aladdin (single)? Against every Muslim rule and desire.

And although I was forced to wear shoes as a child, Tarzan was handsomely rewarded for walking around shoe-less and half naked? Bless my soul if I so much as took my shirt off in public!

And even the ultimate liar, Pinochio, became a film star for the very reason that he was caught out when he lied!

No wonder they are calling us a screwed up generation! We simply don’t know where the truth stops and the lies start. Or we are very good at hiding it.


2 Responses to “Honestly Dishonest”

  1. Myrtle Shea Says:

    Thanks for good article. Hope to see more soon.

  2. name not published Says:

    Thanks, great to see some people today still put effort in to their websites.


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