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Gizmo and Google

Bruce is right, of course, I do the same on my Nokia.

But the REAL problem I’m trying to solve is not Skype-to-Skype or Skype-to-landline. That is easy to do.My real need is to talk Skype-to SIP (SIP=VOIP) and that doesn’t exist today in an easy-to-implement package. Your friendly local Telkom is making it hard to implement because they don’t want to lose revenue. But Gizmo is pushing the technology and by integrating it into Skype they have a good strategy to make it a compelling application.

In the far away future I see something called a “Universal” telephone number, a phone number that will ring anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the internet, and that anybody can call from any instrument whether it is a mobile, a landline, a Skype or a whatever.

And that day is not far away.


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One Response to “Gizmo and Google”

  1. matti Says:

    You have a universal phone number already! Quit thinking in “phone” terms. It’s called an IPv6 address. 😉 What you need then is a SIP client that allows you to enter, say, SIP:[2001:470:1f05:283::92] to establish a true point-to-point conversation between you and any SIP-capable, globally IPv6-addressable device.

    There are a few of them around in Linux, IPv6 addresses are available anywhere through tunnel brokers, if not native. You could be up and running in a few minutes from now!

    Can you do it with Skype? Nope! Not now, and most likely not in the future either. The very core of Skype architecture does not lend itself to that today.


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