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Forgive, and forget

ForgiveSo how, exactly, is one supposed to forget if the object of your anger is constantly reminding you of their existence?

Oh, forgive is one thing. The Pshyco’s will try to convince you that you should put things behind you and move on. I don’t believe a word they say – they are just making up that rubbish, because they don’t know what else to offer you without offending you when they offer you their bill for achieving nothing.

Although, forgiving is not too hard to do. Over time the wounds heal, you find other things to do, you adapt, you cope. And when you realise you had some part to play in the whole circus you kind of settle down. What happened, happened. Its behind you.

But when we get to the forgetting stage it is not so simple any more. I might forgive somebody for sticking a knife in my back and twisting it when I wasn’t begging loud enough, but I can never forget the scars where the knife cut off a piece of my heart. I cannot forget because I am reminded of the scar every day when I see the hole where my heart used to be. The damage can never be repaired. I can learn from it, I can grow from it, but I can never forget that it happened.

Why don’t you tell me how you handle forgetting and forgiving?

I’m struggling here, so please leave a comment.


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