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For richer, yes, but never for poorer

After two of my previous posts (“House Dads” and “Love Power”) I was made aware that a Newspaper Reporter Tara Winter Wilson coined the phrase “Toxic Wife” and published an article on 26 Nov 2008 in The Daily Telegraph in the UK. The link to the original is here [-Link to Daily Telegraph-] and I also have a scanned copy in JPG format here: [scan] Click to see

Selected portions of the text is extraced here: “You loser!” screamed Katie, aiming a vase at her husband. “You’ve destroyed my life,” she continued, hurling it.

An extreme and isolated example of the global economic meltdown hitting the £1-million home? Sadly, no. When the super-rich feel the pinch, inevitably, the Toxic Wife heads off.

The Toxic Wife is a particular and terrifying species. Not to be confused with the stay-at-home mother who selflessly devotes herself to the upbringing of her children, with all the housework and domestic’ chores that entails, — Having married her wealthy husband with his considerable salary uppermost in her mind, the Toxic Wife simply does not do “for richer, for Poorer”.

Indeed, lawyers and financial advisers have reported a 50% increase in the number of divorce inquiries since the financial markets collapsed in September.

For gold-diggers are materialistic to such an extent that they are emotionally detached from other people. There’s an inability to empathise with another human being. They certainly don’t “do” conscience. Money, on the other hand, they both love and understand.

“She has a very high standard of living,” he said. “She’s never taken the tube or a bus, it’s always taxis. And she likes to eat out a lot, at the best restaurants, and she likes to buy expensive gifts for people she wants to impress. As soon as the financial wobbles started, she must have joined some upmarket dating agency because somehow she’s found another very rich man pretty damn fast.”

“Because I’m worth it” has become the catch-all that legitimises any personal indulgence.

Like a frog, the Toxic Wife needs to hop safely onto another lily pad, and a rich one, before leaving her husband. She won’t stand on her own two feet.

“These particular women know how to fake love,” adds Ambrose. “They’re actually very good at it.”

As most of us are battening down the hatches and finding inventive ways to cope with the new austerity, some unfortunate men have not. only lost their jobs, they are also having the scales ripped from their eyes. The horrible truth has dawned: they married a woman who wanted them solely for their money. © The Daily Telegraph, UK

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