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Domestic Time Share

Domestic Time ShareDomestic Time Share. These are not my own words, it is something I picked up from a Google Book (also available on Kalahari [click here]) and the full sentence reads: “A moment of true love is more important to some of us than decades of domestic time share“.

Oh, there is a lot more in the book, and I’m going to read the other parts over and over again during the next few days. Hint: this is a good excuse to buy me a Kindle for Christmas!?

Actually I didn’t stumble onto the phrase by accident. I am struggling with a very complex set of circumstances at the moment, and as always (yes, I am a Virgo!) I am making things far too complex for my own good. I sometimes feel personally responsible for things that actually have nothing to do with me.

But back to the story, I was looking for references on a saying I heard years ago. At that time it didn’t mean anything, it was just cute. But suddenly I wanted to revisit the idea, so I (eventually) searched for “ram dass reason season lifetime [click here]” on Google Books and came across the book The Age Of Miracles by Marianne Williamson [click here], and there it was. A whole treasure chest of incredibly nice word-gems. I’ll be writing about some of them for a while.

But back to the topic … domestic time share. Such an important phrase. I am always checking the validity of the reasons people offer when they divorce: Incompatible, Irreconcilable Differences, etc. But what about just plain boredom? Is it wrong to live in a relationship that is comfortable? Is it right to check out of a relationship when it becomes boring? Is comfortable not just another form of love?

Do you think domestic time share is right, or wrong? Or simply safe. Please comment?


5 Responses to “Domestic Time Share”

  1. fiekie Says:

    whether you call it love, or comfort, or commitment, or domestic time share, or whatever name suits you; it is your choice, your decision you chose to live with, to exist by. if it suits both partners, so be it.
    in your relationship: are you still sharing, having fun, playing (in and outside the bedroom), do you still surprise each other from time to time? can you be still with each other during times of peace, and distress? just knowing….

    yes, relationships takes effort, by choice, remember, and it does take 2 to tango, cha cha cha….

    boredom is fertile ground, good or bad things can grow there, or is it laziness?

  2. Leonila Buquet Says:

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  3. name not published Says:

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  4. name not published Says:

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  5. james Says:

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