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Dividing Digital Assets During Divorce

Divorce Digital AssetsAnd so it happened on Slashdot [click here] that a guy is asking how other people are dividing their digital assets during divorce.

Most of the comments are typical of the insane bunch on Slashdot. Some are irrelevant, some are off-topic, some are plain rude and dismissive. But amongst the bunch there is this one guy who writes sense. He says: “Remember that at the very least you once loved that other person. Treat each other with some respect”

And that is the truth. Just remember that once – not long ago – you stood in front of your friends and family and you said (voluntarily – nobody held a gun to your head) – “I love you”.

Don’t you now go around wagging your finger about how bad this person is, because that reflects straight back at you and how badly you are at making choices.

I think a peaceful divorce is far better than a acrimonious divorce. What do you think?


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