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Death by Amputation

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Some counselors tell you that you will experience stress levels during your divorce that is the same as a death in the immediate family. They are wrong.

Divorce is like a major limb amputation.

When you are dead, it is over. You can go to the grave, you can put flowers, you can counsel. It is final and whatever happens afterwards you never have to deal with that person again.

But divorce is different. You have to live the rest of your life without that most important piece of your body. You have to cope with every day, dressing, going to the toilet, eating, whatever. You have to cope with phantom pains in limbs you cannot control any longer. Forever clothes will look funny on you and people will stare at your missing parts. You are going to be reminded of the amputation every day when you struggle to be normal.

Clinically, if you can save your life by having an amputation, do it. It is a valid option, but it is not the easy way out, it is a last resort. You will never be 100% complete again.

To forgive and forget? Forgive, maybe. Forget … never!

Divorce is worse than death. You will lose an essential limb, not your life. Think about that carefully before you consider getting a divorce.


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