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Dads go back to school

Dads and SchoolIt’s 2011 and Gr 3 for the little one and the GF suggested we walk her to her new classroom when we drop her off to meet the teacher and stuff. All went well and on the way back she throws this clanger my way: “Did you notice the large number of dads taking their children to school?”

I didn’t. Until she pointed it out. She was right.

Of course I was vaguely aware that there are many single parents in the school, much more than I remember with my older children when they went to school. But now that I looked I saw the dads who simply dropped off older children (expected) and I also saw the dads who clutched the tiny hand of a first grader, comforted a scared one, or brushed a hair away from a forehead. Boys and girls. Maybe as much as half of all the adults were caring dads. And they could not all come from unbroken homes, there had to be a few who were in a caregiver role.

So I went home and checked the internet, and there was a photo (shown left) of “Doting Dad Jesse James settles kids into new school near ex Sandra Bullock” on 27 August 2010. From what I can gather in the news he was a bad boy, cheating on his wife (I totally don’t get it, she is so sexy! – but then, all women have their moments). But after the anger and fighting, they decided to live close together so they can both be involved with their children.

I get the feeling that this is the “New Normal” to borrow a phrase. The age of the nuclear, one-wife-for-life age is over. We will have to find new ways to cope with the destruction in our personal lives caused by unfaithful partners, and to add injury to insult, we will have to help our children through the mess as well.

So just to end this article on a high note, I’m adding a very cute picture of a dad in India somewhere taking his son to school. On a bike! Cuties!

School Bus

School Bus


2 Responses to “Dads go back to school”

  1. name not published Says:

    Keep the faith, my Internet friend, You are a first-class writer and deserve to be heard.

  2. Chloe Cruser Says:

    Grand post I enjoyed it.


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