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Crime in South Africa

Yes, we became part of the high crime statistics in Johannesburg. A few days ago some roaming gentleman (although I don’t believe he was a travelling salesman) felt that he needed to get more closely aquainted with our house and he entered from the back gate which was locked at the time. Naturally he wasn’t very welcome and he was repelled at the front door by a very loud alarm of the human kind, rapidly followed by a slightly less loud electronic alarm. A few minutes later we were swamped by the local response firms – much appreciated guys!

The SAPS also put in an appearance an hour later, asked 2 questions and stayed for 3 minutes. Very disinterested. I don’t even know if they made an entry in their log books – must check the police station today.

We are thankful that nobody was hurt during the incident. But my GF made an interesting comment this morning: “What can I do to reduce the crime?” Deep thought. It seems like a helpless situation where all you do is harden the defences and increase the spending on security systems. Yet there must be something “I” can do. Any thoughts?

Meanwhile I looked up the Blockwatch website. They seem like they offer one approach that I like. There must be others as well. Meanwhile I’m going to put up their website as a link.

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