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Childrens Rights and Parent’s Wrongs

This was a throw-away comment from a speaker at a conference:

Children only have one childhood. Make it a memorable one

Awesome. While we as (sometimes divorced) adults fight about who is right and who didn’t say what and whose turn is it, somewhere in that dogfight there is a scared child hiding away who only wants to love his/her parents unconditionally and equally and grow up in a world that is safe. Safe from harm, safe from fighting parents.

Ryno's Twenty-First Speech

Ryno's Twenty-First Speech

An anecdote may suffice. I had the incredible privilege of raising a son who turned 21 last year. A lovely boy, strong and healthy with his whole life ahead of him. The 21st party was arranged jointly by my Ex (we are still good friends) and myself. Family from both sides attended as well as peers and friends. The idea was that the “old people” would go home at 10 or 11 leaving the youngsters to their own devices.

And so it comes to 10pm and it is time for speeches. After all the other people had their say, he takes the mic from me and grabs me in his left arm (he is a drummer and as strong as a beast) and he calls his mother to the front and grabs her in his right arm, and he says:

“I just want to say to my mother and dad in front of everybody here tonight, a big thank you that they never brought us children into their divorce fights”

There wasn’t a dry eye in the place, mine included. I worked hard, very hard, for 17 years to achieve this. And to get the reward so unexpectedly and in such abundance was my greatest achievement.

Last word: The children did not ask to be divorced. Don’t make them casualties of war.

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