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Cheating Hearts

CheatersLast night when we started winding down the day, we lazily watched the current episode of Cheaters [click here] while talking about our commitment to each other and what it means to us.

But the thing that struck me last night was NOT the antics of the various people involved. Of course I was silently crying for the pain the cheated-on-girls felt. They were not making a spectacle of themselves because it was candid camera or fun-TV. Nope, I’m sure what I saw was pure pain from their partner’s deception and dishonesty. They felt the hurt to discover the person they trusted was making out with somebody else.

I just want to interject with my observation that heck! these guys at Cheaters are good! Their surveillance is excellent and it seems like they are getting better all the time. Cameras in the house! Awesome!

But back to the TV programme where I wondered if the cheators (the persons dishing out the pain) were not setting themselves up for receiving the pain back? What goes around comes around, doesn’t it? And in the bigger scheme of things I’ve always believed that spiritually we will experience some of the pain we cause to others. In other words, if I cheat on you and hurt you, sometime, somewhere, somebody is going to cheat on me and hurt me – the score will be settled.

Is it really worth it? After 5, maybe 10 years, damaged children, broken friendships and financial suffering, can I ask: Is this exciting new lover really worth it?

Marike de Klerk’s book [click here] seems to tell a similar story. When ex-President FW had an affair and he left his wife Marike for glamour-poppie Elita he cheated on his wife, he discarded her like a used tissue, she was done and over. I want to ask the same question as Marike: Looking back after all these years, was it really worth it? The article quotes: “At night I wonder whether you are really flying higher than before. And if you really drink from clear streams these days”. Isn’t that an eloquent way to put it?

The article concludes by making a very serious statement (I’m going to paraphrase): The price that other innocent people pay because of your selfish indulgence, is particularly high. Are you prepared to re-pay that debt?

The late Ds Murray Janson wrote in Huisgenoot that even the clearest mountain stream can sometimes get dirty.

Are you drinking from a clear stream today, Cheater?


15 Responses to “Cheating Hearts”

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