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No thank you!

Since the invention of mobile phones (cellphones to us here in South Africa), the telemarketeers have had a field day. Now they no longer have to wait for after dawn before they can harass you at home, they can now call you any time of the day or night at home or at work! Normally […]

A New Years Promise

It is plain rude to hide your number when you are calling me on my mobile.

Gizmo and Google

Bruce is right, of course, I do the same on my Nokia. But the REAL problem I’m trying to solve is not Skype-to-Skype or Skype-to-landline. That is easy to do.My real need is to talk Skype-to SIP (SIP=VOIP) and that doesn’t exist today in an easy-to-implement package. Your friendly local Telkom is making it hard […]

Hello world!

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