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Dividing Digital Assets During Divorce

And so it happened on Slashdot [click here] that a guy is asking how other people are dividing their digital assets during divorce. Most of the comments are typical of the insane bunch on Slashdot. Some are irrelevant, some are off-topic, some are plain rude and dismissive. But amongst the bunch there is this one […]

Toy Story 3

And so it comes that we took the little ones to see Toy Story (in 3D, no less) yesterday. Lovely movie. But as I said in some previous reviews, I do not experience movies or books in exactly the same way as everybody else. To prove my point I spent a whole hour this morning […]

Spaghetti and Waffles

While on holiday in Nylstroom (ok, I guess I will have to update my GPS maps sometime because the road sign says Modimolle) we had a few rainy days and what better way to pass the time than to READ! The local bookstore, while not stocking at the levels of a Sandton CNA, had a […]

Books make awesome gifts

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