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Just drove past a newspaper poster that says: “Amor – I cannot forget”.

I remember Amor from many years ago in the musical show “Girl Talk” in the now defunct Sound Stage in Midrand. With a big smile and hotpants that everybody remembered she sang ” … and I’m available!” She was such a hit.

Then she got married, gave herself to one man, had his children. And now this.

Nothing – NOTHING! – prepares you for the shock of seeing the person you love, loving somebody else. It is a violation of every piece of personal dignity you possess. You have given your everything, and it wasn’t good enough. You watch that video over and over again and you find every excuse why it isn’t really what you see. After seeing the pictures of Joost, she said that she asked him every day for weeks if he was sure. I think she knew. We all know when we cross that bridge, but we choose not to know, because we cannot believe that our partners can sink so low.

The good news is that in God we can forgive. Time is a wonderful healer. We never forget the hurt, the rejection, the not-good-enough. But we forgive because we understand that He forgives us. And besides, our bodies are sinful, it is our souls that have been created perfect in His image.

Amor has a long road to recovery ahead of her, and it is a difficult road that I don’t wish to ever travel again. But I have learnt a lot from it, and I have found love again. So, all I can say to her is: Go girl! Forgive, but don’t forget. Unfaithful partners are simply not worth your honour. Give yourself to somebody who will return the love you give – with interest.

It is possible.

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