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My Chinese BambooWhile I was browsing through some old photo’s, looking for pictures of our 1996 Sani Pass trip, I came across two old photo’s. Together, they tell an interesting story. The story of my two relationships. And I call the two plants my two farewell (“I will survive”) potplants.

The first one, on the left, is some sort of chinese bamboo that was quite popular at the time, many years ago. It is one of those potplants where they cut a few inches of thick brown stem and dunk it in a pot. From the sides of this stem the little green pods of leaves would sprout, sideways before they turn straight up. It grew well and didn’t need a lot of special attention, as long as it had water and light it would grow. During the busy period of the separation it didn’t get any attention but it didn’t die. When I eventually moved out of the house it was damaged by the movers and one of the branch pods fell off. I didn’t think much of it at the time because I was busy but I planted it straight back in the pot, planning to get back to it sometime. Over time the big stem died and the little one started growing vigorously. Today, many years later, I still have this big and strong bamboo and it is a real pleasure to watch. I even used it to hold a string of Christmas lights last year!
My Failing Fern

The second one, on the right, is a fern that I could only keep for a few years. When I saw it I immediately liked it, I bought it and nursed it and kept it in a sunny place where I could always see it and water it. I kept telling myself that it will grow better, soon, and that it is just taking time to settle down. I even gave it to an old lady to look after it while we were moving to our new house. But it was just sort of hanging in there. Every time a leaf dried out, a new one would appear, but it didn’t really grow.

Eventually the time came for the inevitable separation and divorce and I packed my fern ever so carefully and moved it to my new house where I gave it a special place and lots of attention. It recovered a little bit for a short while, but eventually it just gave up the fight and wilted into a pile of dried fronds. Nothing could coax it back into life. Reluctantly I moved it out, not onto the rubbish dump but in a special place the garden where it could restart if it so wished. It hasn’t.

I’m struck by the similarities between my real life relationships and the how the plants behaved. Where my relationship was strong, the plant survived even though there was some moments of neglect. My second relationship, which meant a lot to me, took the plant with it when it crashed. And I am left wondering how this all works. Is my personal energy reaching other objects? Do other things respond to us? Can plants sense what is going on? Are other living things feeding off us, emotionally?

So, the question is: How far around me does my influence stretch? Did the plants feel my mood? Or was it just a coincidence? What do you think?


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